New Construction and Major Renovation

New Construction and Major Renovation Program

The NextZero New Construction and Major Renovation Program targets all new construction, major renovation, and end-of-life replacements where there is an opportunity to install premium efficiency equipment. Due to the highly custom nature of new construction and renovation projects, the NextZero team will review each application independently and work with the applicant to develop a customized plan that may consist of co-funded technical services, or custom or prescriptive rebates, or both. The plan will be developed to provide maximum value to the customer in their project planning process.

Projects that result solely in natural gas savings are not eligible to receive rebates through this program. However, MMWEC has a close working relationships with Eversource and National Grid and will collaborate with them to help maximize customer rebate opportunities for time dependent natural gas measures.

Please review the program description and application for more details. The application is fillable and downloadable and can be submitted via mail or email.