Custom Retrofit

Custom Retrofit Program

The NextZero Custom Retrofit Program is administered through a controlled process whereby commercial and industrial customers submit an application to be enrolled into the program. Once the application is received, the NextZero team will work with the customers and their preferred contractors to fully define work scopes for the recommended projects including a cost-effectiveness evaluation based on estimated annual energy savings. Incentives available through the program are based on the energy savings estimated to result from project implementation. It is the responsibility of the customer to implement the measures of their choosing, at which time a post-installation inspection will be conducted prior to issuing the incentive.

Please review the program description and application for more details. The application is fillable and downloadable and can be submitted via mail or email.

Massachusetts offers excise tax deductions and property tax exemptions for select energy efficiency measures for commercial and industrial businesses. For more information, consult your local tax expert.

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There are two paths for Custom Commercial & Industrial energy efficiency (EE) project applications:

  • Customer/Vendor Proposed Project – for customers with a specific project in mind
  • Custom Project – for customers with general interests in energy efficiency opportunities

NOTE: The illustration above is a high-level overview. There may be additional steps required depending on the size and/or complexity of a project.