Heating & Cooling

Heat Pump Rebates

Ashburnham Municipal Light Plant (AMLP) offers rebates on central air conditioning systems and heat pumps. Refer to the tables below to see if your heating or cooling system qualifies. Click the “Submit Online Application” link or download the mail-in application to see the full range of options and get started. AMLP also offers rebates on Wi-Fi thermostats through its Appliance Rebate program. Please note that all heat pumps must be installed by a MA licensed contractor in order to be eligible for a rebate.

Air Source Heat Pump≥16N/A≥9N/A$330/ton
Ground Source Heat PumpN/A≥20N/A≥3.5$330/ton


Air Source Heat Pump≥15.3N/A≥7.65N/A$330/ton
Ground Source Heat PumpN/A≥19.2N/A≥3.5$330/ton

*Limit of three tons of heat pumps per year. SEER=Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, EER= Energy Efficiency Ratio (measures instantaneous cooling efficiency), HSPF= Heating Seasonal Performance Factor, COP= Coefficient of Performance

Massachusetts provides a sales tax exemption on the purchase of heat pump systems. For more information, consult your local tax expert.