Connected Homes

Connected Homes is a program offered to customers of Holyoke Gas and Electric (HG&E) that leverages the technology of smart appliances and devices into cost savings for the light department and its customers. The program allows HG&E to better manage its electric load, reduce costs, and keep rates low.

Enrollment Details

By enrolling a smart device in the Connected Homes Program, customers agree to allow Connected Homes to make brief, limited adjustments to their devices during times of peak electric demand.

Customers will be informed of possible adjustments in advance via email and will be given the choice to opt out.

Customers who decide to participate in adjustments will be given an incentive check.

Eligible Devices

Refer to the table below to learn which devices and brands are eligible for participation in Connected Homes.

Smart DevicesQualifying BrandsMonthly Incentive
BatteryDuracell, Emporia, Sonnen$30
Electric VehicleHyundai 2017+, Jaguar 2016+, Land Rover 2016+, Toyota 2017+, Tesla 2012+, Volkswagen 2014+$5 - $10
Electric Vehicle Charger*ChargePoint, Emporia, Enel X JuiceBox$5 - $10
Electric Hot Water HeaterGE, Rheem$5
Mini-Split ControllerFlair, Sensibo$5 - $8
Wi-Fi ThermostatAmazon, Google Nest**, Honeywell/Resideo$5 - $8

*HG&E offers a $5 monthly incentive for EV chargers for plug-in hybrid EVs and a $10 monthly incentive for chargers for fully electric vehicles. Customers can receive incentives for vehicles OR chargers, not both.

**Google and Nest Thermostat are trademarks of Google LLC.

Connected Homes Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enroll multiple devices?

Yes, customers are able to enroll multiple devices in the NextZero Connected Homes Program. However, only one incentive is provided for water heaters, HVAC controls and Wi-Fi thermostats. For example, if two Wi-Fi thermostats are enrolled, an incentive for only one thermostat will be provided. Another limit is that either an EV charger or an EV itself can be enrolled, but not both.

How are HVAC seasonal controls device incentives unique?

HG&E offers a single rebate for all HVAC controls in the home. Bill credits for all HVAC controls in the home will be $8 during the summer (June through September) for central AC and heat pump customers only, and $5 in the winter (October through April) only for customers that heat with electricity.

Will I be notified before an adjustment is made? How will I be notified?

Yes, HG&E will notify its customers in advance of a possible adjustment. Customers will be notified of upcoming adjustments via email. 

Can I decide to opt out of an adjustment?

Yes, customers will be given the opportunity to opt out when they are notified about an upcoming adjustment. Customers who choose to opt out of an adjustment will not be issued an incentive for that month.

How many adjustments should I anticipate and when in the day will they occur?

Customers can expect between two to three adjustments per month, though as many as five could occur. The hours vary depending on the season, but typically adjustments occur between 4 and 8 p.m.

How will I be paid for my participation?

Customers will receive quarterly bill credits for their participation in Connected Homes.